California DMV Information

Requirements for License

Permit / License Application

You may obtain this form (DL44) at any DMV office. Parent(s) or guardian(s) signature is required on this application. This form also requires your social security number.


Schedule an appointment at local DMV

You may schedule an appointment through or DMV telephone services 1-800-777-0133.

DMV Hours of operation

DMV hours of operation vary by location. You can view DMV office hours on their website at or call their toll-free telephone number at 1-800-777-0133.


What to Bring To DMV - under 18 years old

Bring to Permit Test

  1. DMV application (DL44), parent or guardian signature(s) required
  2. Driver's Education certificate of completion
  3. Required fee (cash, personal check or money order, payable to DMV)
  4. Verification of birth (birth certificate-no photo copies, valid passport, green card, resident alien card or military ID).
  5. Proof of residence documents (2 bills)*see DMV website for more details
  6. Complete DMV license application at and bring your confirmation number

Bring to Drive Test

  1. Permit with photo receipt, parent or guardian signature(s) required to verify additional training
  2. Drivers Education's certificate of completion
  3. Drivers Training certificate of completion (DL 400c or OL 237)
  4. Vehicle registration and insurance - must be current
  5. Glasses or contacts, if needed

California Driver Handbook

You may access DMV Driver Handbook by visiting *We highly recommend that you read this handbook prior to taking your permit test.

How to choose a reputable driving school

Choosing a professional driving school that provides quality services is vital towards paving your child's foundation for driving success. When researching different schools, here are some important questions to ask: How long has your driving school been established? How much experience do your instructors have?

What percentage of your students pass the test on their first attempt?
Another great source to find out information on driving school is word of mouth. Talk to friends, relatives or other parents before committing to a school. Although price is an important factor as a consumer, price should not be your determining factor in choosing a driving school. Check out our recommended driving schools for your area. Also, consider driving schools belonging to the Driving School Association of CA and Driving School Association of the Americas.

Graduated Licensing Program - Teens

After receiving a provisional license, for the first YEAR:
* No driving between the hours of 11pm and 5am*
* No transporting passengers under 20 years old*
*Unless there is someone 25 years or older who has a valid CA driver's license, supervising, or other exception specified in the CA DMV Driver's Handbook

Clearing a Ticket, Points on Record

If a police officer issues you a traffic citation, you may be eligible for traffic school. You must have the court's permission to attend. You may only attend traffic school to clear traffic infractions, 1 point convictions. You are eligible to attend traffic school once every 18 months.

Insurance Requirements for Driving Schools

Driving Schools are required to be fully insured and bonded. Certificate of insurance OL 207, CVC 11103 and surety bond in the amount of $10,000, CVC 111102(a)(3) and 11102.1

Driving with Parents

Parents should call their insurance agent to ensure that their child is covered with learner's permit. Most insurance companies require that the child be added to policy upon issuance of license.

Permit Test

You are required to have an appointment to take the (written) permit test. The written test (for under 18 year) contains 46 questions, multiple choice. Passing is 8 errors or less. Alternate methods to take the written test include audio or oral test. You may take test in languages other than English. You will receive permit the same day that you pass the test. Permit is valid for one year from the date that you first applied. Permit is not valid until you complete your first driving lesson with a certified driving school or turn 17 1/2 years old.

Road Test

You are required to schedule an appointment for the drive test. Have your permit number available upon scheduling. You must provide the vehicle, current registration and proof of insurance. The vehicle must be in good working order. You will be tested on arm signals, equipment of the vehicle and safe driving practices.

Are you prepared to pass the DMV written test?

  1. As you pass a railroad crossing with no gates or controls and you cannot see for 400 feet in either direction, your speedometer should not be above:
    A) 15 MPH
    B) 25 MPH
    C) 30 MPH

  2. When the traffic signal lights are not functioning what should you do?
    A) Decrease your speed and scan the intersection before proceeding
    B) Yield to the driver on your right
    C) Make a complete stop before crossing the intersection
    Answers: 1.A 2.C

Visit for more sample tests.

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